How do I connect to JOB?
JOB sessions are connections to JOB. In order to create a session, you first have to create a JOB factory calling org.job.impl.JobFactory.newInstance(). On the returned factory instance you call newSession().

What is the connection URL of JOB?
Different URLs apply to embedded server and client/server:

embedded server: file:<directory>

client/server: job://<host>[:<port>]

How do I create JOB database files?
You do not have to take any specific actions for creating database files. They are created automatically at JOB connection time if they do not exist.

How do I create JOB users?
JOB users are created running class JobAdmin.

Are there any predefined JOB users?
There are two predefined users:
  • An admin user (name: "JOB", password: "Admin"),
  • a non-admin user (name: "rio", password: "dejaneiro").

My data is not stored persistently. When I shutdown and startup the application, my data is gone!
You probably don't close the factory. If you don't close the factory, then your changes are not flushed to the file system at shutdown time. This holds true for embedded server mode if you do not use transactions.

Why don't JUnit tests start automatically?
JUnit tests are skipped during test phase. They are run during integration-test phase.

Can I use a different C compiler?
JOB uses FreeHEP Maven Native Archive Plugin to build the native kernel library. See there on how to adjust different C compilers.