Build Process

Building the implementation requires the installation of

  • Maven 2
  • C compiler, such as MSVC or GCC
  • Java 2 Standard Edition

The implementation is built using Maven. Maven automatically downloads all libraries required to compile and run the implementation. The implementation comes with a JUnit test suite which is started using goal integration-test .

Compile Time Problems

Compile time problems are likely due to missing environment settings. You must include the C compiler in your PATH environment variable. The Microsoft C compiler is the default used on Windows platforms. If you are on UNIX platforms, GCC is the default compiler. For details on adjusting another compiler, see documentation FreeHEP Maven Native Archive Plugin .

Environment variable JAVA_HOME is required to contain your Java installation directory. Make sure that you do not use '\' as file separators. Even if you are on Windows platforms use '/'. Otherwise, you will receive errors compiling the C kernel because Java header files can not be found.

Runtime Problems

The JOB native kernel library must be available through Java system property java.library.path .